The Number 55

Don’t get me wrong - I love the Number 55 tram - it’s safe, its arguably the most scenic on the network (love speeding through Royal Park on a warm summer’s night) and it full of my fellow west brunswickians. But unfortunately its not just full - its overflowing and the most over loaded in Melbourne. It can’t be good that our trams having more than 20% too many people in them, with those well known curves on the Route 55. 

The issue is - Z-Class trams are not anyone’s friend this side of Sydney Rd. They are hot in summer, cold in Winter. Hard to get on, Hard to get off. And now with two ticket systems - there’s a lot going on but no where to sit. 

Now our tram route has been improved by more services in the am and pm peak times - but it still isn’t enough. We need more trams and at the very least we should only have B-Class trams on our tracks.

Victorian Government - it’s time for action and action now!

Bye for now

West Brunny Honey

West Brunswick Cafes 2.0

Had a lovely walk out west this morning and have to declare - West Wick Cafes 2.0 are on their way! 

It’s true - East Brunswick and Brunswick are the meccas of caffeine in the Wick, but I reckon there’s a fab neighborhood cafe in the old West Brunny.

It’s not that we are short of some very reasonable cafes- Factory Cafe and the more recent Fine and Dandy have served us well (if only that could be said about That Cafe, which from both personal experience and urbanspoon is just dire!) And if you are talking about all cafes west of Sydney Road, Lux Foundry and Rays are firm Brunswick favorites.

But as I said West Brunny could do with a cafe like Northcote’s Red Door Corner Store in the old West Wick.

Anyway back to the walk this morning - I think we can hope for and look forward to four new cafes opening in the next few months.

The first has taken hell of a lot of time to arrive. The super cute shopfront opposite the Estonian Club has been worked on for over a year. Rumor has it that there wasn’t enough electricity to power those three coffee machines that are currently sitting in the shop - but in the last week or so there’s been a hive of activity (the road has been dug up with new powerlines put down near the shop) and you have to think that the owners could be close to opening it up for the super keen West Brunswickites. Can’t wait!

The second is the super super cute shop front next door to the Grand View Hotel. I always thought how strange it was to have a dental surgery sitting above these shops - but there you go - it’s Brunswick! Anyway the planning permit has been lodged, which requested permission to put a kiln in (maybe making pizzas??!). There’s actually two shops there so could be quite a big cafe if the owners have use of both buildings. Another cafe to look forward and great to see our old shop fronts getting a bit of a second life.

The third cafe to soon arrive is the shop on the curve when you turn right into Melville Rd. It’s the brick shop that once sold rather strange coats. Anyway, the shop as such isn’t as pretty as the other two cafes, but according to the planning permit, they are going to make some structural changes to the building (fingers crossed for a new big open window on the side) And it’s got some great footpath - hello alfresco dinning in the West Wick! Owners will have a bit of work to do - but it’s a great position and again breathing new life into our suburb.

Last and not least is that new development at the corner of Pearson and Victoria Street. Think that I am going to write a separate blog about this development - but had a look at the buildings this morning and the plans, and there’s definitely going to be a cafe in the block. It’s will be interesting to see if they can make a cafe authentic in those new buildings, but at the very least, they will have a great view of most loved gilpin park- we shall see!

Anyway, lots to look forward to. I will post my reviews of the cafes as they open!

Bye for now - West Brunny Honey